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Getting you matched with individuals you like is the most prevalent problem for online matrimony companies. Even in the early days of online matrimony, matrimonial services would try to match you with the ideal date using quizzes and profile information. Before the Big Data boom, it was frequently a somewhat laborious procedure, occasionally leaving you unsatisfied and without a worthy partner.

Fortunately, matrimonial sites, especially the, have revamped their websites and algorithm to improve your chances of finding a worthy and like-minded partner. Surveys are now a massive part of matrimonial websites' expanding data set. Now, they also include specific questions with clear answers and have expanded the number of users, producing a vast amount of data. Online matrimony services want to be able to anticipate matches that will make you happy with more certainty. Thus, they are creating machine learning algorithms.


"You before Us" is the motto of our business. In contrast to most businesses, which are only concerned with their success and profits, we at The Wedlock work to put you, your life, your happiness, and your security before us. Our business has a kind heart at its core. We never share any information with outsiders and ensure your privacy is of topmost importance. Additionally, one of India's top background verification service providers thoroughly checks and verifies each profile.


My study has led me to conclude that age, ability, sexual preferences, and life expectancy have absolutely nothing to do with the requirement for a life mate. Everybody needs love. When trying to find a match for their kid, parents of differently-abled children frequently confront the biggest obstacles.

When they can discover their ideal partner, we think they shouldn't make any alternative decisions and instead search for approval. Seniors seeking relationships are frowned upon. It's time to let go of your inhibitions and acknowledge that you require a companion in your latter years. Remarriages are the same as first-time marriages and shouldn't be dealt with any differently. The urge to have someone nearby for that morning tea, to travel with, or to return home is more important.  The chronically ill are similarly affected because the goal is to lengthen their lives by years. Go seek that person that inspires love and trust in your heart so that you may share some amazing moments.

I share your sentiments towards our LGBTQ community. I wanted to provide them with a safe and widely used platform even though they can find mates on their ones. Why search for approval and legitimacy when you may find love or a life partner at The without worrying about being judged?

The most important choice we make affects our future social, professional, psychological, and emotional well-being; it is whether to be married or enter into a relationship.

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With the help of our unique platform, you can love like your life depended on it and share your inspiring story with others who are also on the patch to find that special someone. We love hearing from our clients who have found the love of their lives using our unique platform.

Simar & Sonali

The Wedlock came as a ray of hope in our journey of searching for our partner. We realized everyone has their ‘the one’. You just need to find them and for that The Wedlock is the best!

Vishal & Vidhi

It was destined that we were to spend our lives with each other. But The Wedlock became the medium that brought us together. Finally, we found our companion for life!

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Online dating does not have to be as complex as the plot of a science fiction movie. At The Wedlock, we help simplify the process by taking away the guesswork when finding true love. We are here for you whether you are looking for marriage, dating, second matrimony, LGBTQ dating in India, or looking for like-minded people.

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The Wedlock is the ultimate platform to find the love of your life in a safe and protected online environment. It doesn’t matter whether you don’t like pets, are self-conscious, or are desperately looking to get married; there’s someone for everyone here!