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How do we find love? For many people, that remains a fraught question. Unlike something we lost, love cannot be found by retracing one’s steps. In many ways, love is like a missing person – correction: it is a missing person.

The only problem is that the search area where we must find this person remains unbounded. The love of your life could be anywhere; the local café, coffee shop, an upcoming party you’re not too keen on attending, or four states away.

What makes the search for love even worse is – you do not remember where it was last seen – because you’ve never seen it.

At Wedlock, we put a face to that love. By narrowing down that unbounded territory to a few search parameters, we can help you zero in on love like you never could before.

And, the best part is, we cater to everybody – and we mean everybody.


The Wedlock is Where You Find aSophisticated Matrimony Experience

It is easy to see why The Wedlock takes the prize when it comes to providing an easy-to-use matrimony website for marriage, second marriage, and disabled matrimony in India. Here, we believe that love can happen anywhere and to anyone, which is why we are the premier destination for cancer survivors matrimony in India and divorcee marriage or remarriage cases.

Keep Yourself Safe When Finding
Love Online with Verified Profiles

For starters, you can try if you are looking for marriage, second marriage, cancer survivors matrimony in India, or LGBT dating in India. We provide you with a platform where you can make connections with our verified members safely. We use layers of security features to keep your personal information safe because there are no ifs and buts when it comes to security.


Step 1: Sign Up

The Wedlock is a trusted matrimony site in India for never-married or re-married individuals. We offer an easy sign-up process where you get to choose how you want to use our platform.


Step 2: Create a Profile

It only takes a few minutes to create your personal profile on our site. If you want to make authentic connections – be authentic in the profile you create.


Step 3: Find Your Soulmate

Now that you’re done creating your unique profile, all you have to do is wait to receive your confirmation email and get started with our easy-to-use dating site.

Meet Your PerfectMatch Here

At The Wedlock, we encourage people with a shared commonality to find the perfect match. We cater to second marriage, disabled matrimony in India, cancer survivor matrimony, NRI matrimony, divorcee marriage, and more.

Create Your
Own Happy Story

With the help of our unique platform, you can love like your life depended on it and share your inspiring story with others who are also on the patch to find that special someone. We love hearing from our clients who have found the love of their lives using our unique platform.

Simar & Sonali

The Wedlock came as a ray of hope in our journey of searching for our partner. We realized everyone has their ‘the one’. You just need to find them and for that The Wedlock is the best!

Vishal & Vidhi

It was destined that we were to spend our lives with each other. But The Wedlock became the medium that brought us together. Finally, we found our companion for life!

Join Now – And Start Meeting Awesome People Just Like Yourself

Online dating does not have to be as complex as the plot of a science fiction movie. At The Wedlock, we help simplify the process by taking away the guesswork when finding true love. We are here for you whether you are looking for marriage, dating, second matrimony, LGBTQ dating in India, or looking for like-minded people.



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Find the soulmate of your dreams with The Wedlock — one of the top matrimonial sites in India

Looking for the love of your life and tired of online dating and sifting through hundreds of profiles? Let us help you find your perfect match.

As one of the top matrimonial sites in India, we carefully match you to members with similar values and interests. We work with successful, cultured, and educated men and women with a strong desire for a lasting marriage or relationship.

We follow up with you regularly, at every step. We believe that if marriages are made in heaven, they’re brought together on earth by well-reputed matrimonial sites like ours.

With hundreds of marriage verified profiles on our platform, we go above and beyond to help Indian men and women in the country and across the planet find their soulmates. You could be single, a widow/widower, a divorcee, and of any occupation status quo or education level; we don’t question or discriminate.

So, whether you’re in Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon or anywhere in India, reach out to us now; we’ll help you meet the women of your dreams!

Why The Wedlock

The Wedlock is the ultimate platform to find the love of your life in a safe and protected online environment. It doesn’t matter whether you don’t like pets, are self-conscious, or are desperately looking to get married; there’s someone for everyone here!